Before I had a child, I never realized how much my life would revolve around poop. Before our son was born, I was a little nervous about changing poopy diapers, but for a while at least it wasn’t too bad. Sure there were some stinky ones and some that blew out of the diaper and made a mess, but for the most part I got used to it.

It seems like in the last couple of weeks though, the big topic of discussion between my wife and I is an update on our son’s pooping. A couple of weeks ago he seemed to not be pooping enough (he would go three days or so inbetween poops). Now for the last week and half it seems like he’s going too much. It’s always a fun game to see what will be in his diaper. Oh there’s a normal one! Wait now it’s runny again! Didn’t he just go ten minutes ago?

I know a lot of autistic kids have these ‘leaky guts’ and that’s what causes the runny poop. Until the last week or so we didn’t have any problems. Our son is on a dairy/mostly gluten free diet (tests don’t seem to indicate he needs to totally go off gluten). He does take quite a few vitamins so maybe that’s it or just a stomach bug.

All that to say, after a long day I’m literally and figuratively pooped!


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3 Responses to “Poop”

  1. wilddaisy33 Says:

    I hear you on that one…I did a post on poop awhile back. It certainly got some interesting feedback (some of which I didn’t post…but that’s another story!).

    I’m curious, though, what tests you had done regarding gluten. I never thought my child was sensitive (he never had gut issues, or so I thought), but found out later he was very much so. I’m very, very interested in the gluten piece of the puzzle.

    Yup, lots of poop info floating around. It’s definitely something we who have kids with ASD focus much attention on. I never thought I’d know so much about it. Yikes! 🙂

  2. acollage Says:

    With my first three children, “poop” was not something I said beyond discussion with my husband, my doctor, or a babysitter. Now? Common conversation, particularly when talking about my autistic child. The trick is remembering who you’re talking to when you bring it up! 😉 Great blog!

  3. FXSmom Says:

    omg…that is so true. It is amazing how much our lives focus on the icky stuff. And it doesn’t stop with the autistic kids. I have a 13 year old son who is perfectly normal and we had a poop scare. Doctors were wanting to know size, color, consistency, how often, etc. Poor kid…he was so embarrassed. But it was an early lesson for him to know that poop is important. 🙂

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