Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It’s another cold, dreary, snowy day here in Minnesota. Flipping on the tube over lunch today at work and seeing sunny skies during a spring training game in Florida has me excited for some warmer weather. It can’t come soon enough!

Usually the mention of baseball has me thinking of my favorite teams and players or my fantasy baseball teams. These days though I think about (or more accurately sing about) baseball on a daily basis. My son is quite the musical little fellow and his favorite song to request for me to sing is “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” He requests this by simply saying “Game.” Sometimes it’s a soft, gentle ‘game.’ Other times when he needs that song right now it’s “GAME!!!”

I think I must have sang that song at least 20 times this morning during the half hour car ride to his school. I think it’s one of his stims that makes him feel better. Sometimes I get a little tired of singing that song over and over and over but I’ll take that as one of his stims versus banging his head on the wall or something. At home he’ll dance to it too by swaying back and forth.

I joke that we should take him to his first baseball game this summer but instead of getting there for the first pitch, we’ll get there for the 7th inning stretch so we can hear his song.

The funny thing is that sometimes I’ll be in the car without him and instinctively I’ll just start singing it. As long as I don’t start singing it while I’m in the grocery store or something!

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