Good Deals


Just got an e-mail from the National Autism Association that from Tuesday through Friday of this week you can get 20% off of anything in their online store. If you’ve just been dying to have some autism-related merchandise, this might be your chance!

I’m particularly into the ‘1 in 150’ long sleeved shirt they have. I think that one would be a great conversation starter. I have a shirt that I sometimes wear that just says ‘relevant’ on it. Nobody ever knows what it means (it’s a magazine) so when I’m asked about it I usually first tell them that I decided not to wear my ‘irrelevant’ shirt that day.

I knew the current 1 in 150 autism stats before I started this blog, but I think it was seeing that shirt that made me think I should use that as the name for this blog. Hopefully through more research, we can decrease the numbers of kids being affected by autism. I’d love to someday have the number be something like 1 in 10,000. Then this blog could serve as a relic to a time when 1 in 150 were being diagnosed. Sadly though the rate things are going it may very well go in the other direction and be something like 1 in 50 before we know it.

Anyway…the sale at the National Autism Associaton’s online store runs frm March 18-21. All you have to do is enter “SUS08” during checkout and you get 20% off. I haven’t looked at everything they have but there’s a wide variety of clothing, magnets, etc.


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