Links, links, and more links!

I was originally going to write about our experiences traveling home for Easter, but my wife has already done a superb job with this, so I thought I’d pass along some interesting autism-related links that I’ve come across lately. Perhaps that’s what I should just do from now on…let my wife write the good stuff and I’ll just link to it! She has a lot more patience to really sit and carefully craft her blog entries, while I get a little squirmy and can’t think too far ahead. Which is strange, because I write for a living, but I’m usually reporting on a topic, not doing this stream-of-consciousness thing that this blog requires.

I’ll definitely echo the sentiments my wife wrote about in her post. I actually suggested that on the way back from visiting family, that we not even stop in a restaurant. What’s the point if all 3 of us are stressed out. So we grabbed some food and sat in our car in the parking lot of a Home Depot to eat. Nothing fancy, but we all ate without incident, so that was a victory I’d say. As I ate, I also got to watch some guy in another guy devour a giant bowl of what looked to be chili. That was just a bonus.

Part of the reason for starting this blog was to hopefully connect with others who have kids with autism. My wife has met with a couple of other moms in the past few months, but I’ve yet to really have a meaningful discussion with anyone who has a kid on the spectrum. This past Tuesday we attended the first night of a 4-week series for parents of asd kids. It was a good experience. Even though we knew a lot of the information already, there were still some nuggets we took away from it. Actually I took literal and figurative nuggets away that night in that I ate some chicken mcnuggets on the way there. Word of advice…those are much harder to eat while driving than a hamburger.

But I digress….I’m looking forward to the remaining sessions and hearing of success stories and resources available in our community.

So some interesting things I’ve read this week include this op-ed piece from the Bismarck Tribune that was about vaccinations. I know it’s all the rage to talk about those these days and while I don’t understand a lot of it, I thought this was a good argument.

Another interesting piece was this article from the Chicago Tribune about biomedical treatments. We’re in the midst of this stuff and it was encouraging to read that it can pay off dividends over the long haul.

And finally I am looking forward to spending each day of April (which is Autism Awareness Month) with this prayer calendar from Children of Destiny. They’re calling this “Turning the Tide.” There’s a short thing to pray about each day regarding autism including ‘Healing for Broken Bodies,’ ‘Insurance & Expenses,’ etc.

So there’s today’s batch of links. Can’t believe March is almost over. Seems like there’s a never-ending list of things to do and now April brings more pressure as I have two fantasy baseball titles to defend!


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