World Autism Day

So today is World Autism Day. It’s been interesting to see all the news stories today. CNN is devoting a lot of coverage today to autism. It looks like you can view a lot of those stories right on the CNN website.

I used to think I was only noticing so many stories on autism because we are now dealing with it. Sort of like when you buy a new car…suddenly you notice lots of other people driving that same type of car where before you may have never noticed it.

But I have to think that people are noticing that there are so many reports on autism these days whether it’s stories about the vaccines or the rising numbers of those being diagnosed, etc.

I did in fact buy a “1in150” shirt that I mentioned in a previous post and am wearing it today. It really is quite a nice conversation starter. People say “1 in 150 what?” And then I bombard them with more statistics and my thoughts on vaccines and all that is wrong with society. Just kidding of course. It does open up a nice dialogue though about how there are so many kids being diagnosed with autism and mine is one of them.

We enjoyed the 2nd part of our 4 part series for newly diagnosed families last night. There’s something comforting about being around other parents who are in similar situations. Not that I’m happy they have to go through it too, but at least we know we’re not alone. It amazes me how different each case of autism is. It’s not like other disorders and diseases where you pretty much know what you’re dealing with. One person may be dealing with a kid who can’t stop stimming on something while for another family the big issue is tantrums. It does help to get some hints from parents who have kids older than ours and who have lived to talk about it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if on World Autism Day next year we’re talking about being closer to finding a cure? Or that the numbers are now like 1 in 10,000? You never know.


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