Chicken All Gone!

So a funny, fairly monumental thing happened yesterday. My son spoke a three-word sentence! For the most part now he’s still using one word ‘sentences’ which we obviously still celebrate because we’re ecstatic that he knows as many words as he does. He’s added some two-word combinations recently like “Get Out,” “Shoes Off,” “Coat Off,” etc.

But yesterday at school Josiah uttered “Chicken All Gone!” They were getting ready to have lunch and I guess one second he saw his chicken nuggets on the table and the next second they were gone. He didn’t realize they had only taken them to heat them up so he became sad and kept saying “Chicken all gone!” I feel bad that he was sad about the nuggets being taken away but they were promptly returned when they were heated and it sounds like he devoured them.

When one of his therapists first told me he said this I just thought it was funny, but the more I keep hearing those words “Chicken All Gone!” running through my head, the more I realize what a big deal this was. Not only was it a three-word sentence but this came without any prompting from anyone else. He obviously was a bit perturbed about the missing nuggets and he intended to say something about it!

Who knew that three simple words would be such sweet music to my ears?!

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One Response to “Chicken All Gone!”

  1. Kris Hallblade Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for sharing this story! I’m glad to read about Josiah’s progress.

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