Ma Ca Ca?

My son has an interesting language he uses to speaks to us. Most of it is pretty easily understandable (to us at least). It’s mostly of the one word variety right now and it’s pretty functional stuff like “cake,” “milk,” etc. He also has some nice two-word combos he’s been throwing out too like “get out,” “climb up,” and “let go!”

Usually we can understand what he’s trying to tell us and even if it’s not necessarily the correct word we know what he means because we first heard him say it in a certain context. For instance, he might say “handle” which we right away know he wants us to sing the song “I’m a little teapot.”

Well a couple of weeks ago he looked at us and said “ma ca ca.” He said it innocently enough but when we didn’t respond appropriately he really started to get ticked. “MA CA CA!” For the life of us we couldn’t figure out what this meant. My wife thought, “perhaps he wants us to sing the Macarena?” I didn’t think he’d ever heard that song but I started singing it anyway (which by the way is not as easy a song to sing as you’d think if you don’t really know the words other than ‘heyyy Macarena.’)

Apparently that wasn’t it so we started to drag out every toy the kid owns to see if that’s what ‘ma ca ca’ was. He finally got over it and we breathed a sigh of relief. We didn’t even remember it the next day until once again out of the blue our little dude started persistenly asking for ‘MA CA CA!” Oh no, not again!

So this went on for a while…we’d get a reprieve for a few days and then this ‘ma ca ca’ business would start up again. We’d jokingly shake our fists and rue the day ‘ma ca ca’ ever came into our lives.

Then one morning my wife happened to pick up our son’s plastic harmonica and was playing it for him when he first woke up (nothing better than starting your day with the soothing sounds of the harmonica!). All of a sudden our son smiled and said “Ma Ca Ca!” Ohhhh…Harmonica! I guess that makes sense. He used to just call it ‘ca’ so I’m surprised we didn’t figure that one out sooner.

So our sleuthing is over for now until the next “ma ca ca” surfaces. I guess I’ll use the downtime until then to learn the real words to the Macarena in case he starts liking that song.


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