The Best Medicine

I think it is true that laughter really is the best medicine.

Josiah’s always been a pretty happy little guy, but we’ve definitely gone for periods of time where we don’t hear a lot of laughter in the house. Over the past couple of weeks though, he’s been giggling up a storm and it really has done this heart some good.

He’ll laugh at things you would think of like tickling, etc. but probably the thing he gets the biggest kick out of these days is hearing us whistle. He’s been asking pretty much everyone he comes in contact with the last couple of months to whistle. Or as he says it sometimes, “Whiss-ole!”

Up until recently he just wanted to hear you whistle and he was content with that. But now for some reason he gets such a charge out of us whistling that he just laughs hysterically.

A couple of weeks ago my wife was out with some friends so it was just Josiah and I home for dinner. He was glued to one of his favorite tv shows and I was just kind of sitting there eating, feeling sorry for myself. All of a sudden, Josiah looked over at me and gave me the biggest smile and a giggle. It totally made my day and lightened the mood considerably.

So I guess this post isn’t anything deep (not that it has to be). I’m just enjoying some of the simple things these days. There were days when we first started dealing with autism in our lives that the thought of laughing seemed so far away. It’s nice that it’s making a comeback.


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