Where are my toys?!

After numerous spills with Josiah’s beverages we decided it was time to get our carpet professionally cleaned. All of his supplements cause his drinks to turn some crazy colors that leave some nasty orange and green stains. My wife found a company that specializes in ‘green’ carpet cleaning (meaning non-toxic, not the color green as we already have enough of that).

We thought they did a great job with the carpet and we can feel good knowing we didn’t use a bunch of chemicals that could harm Josiah. But Josiah was not too impressed with their work. We had to move everything off the floors including Josiah’s toys. When we got home and he couldn’t find his usual stash of toys, he was quite upset. He stuck his little lip out and started sobbing. Then he looked at me with the saddest eyes and he said, “Don’t cry!” It was hard not to laugh even though I felt bad for him. Whenever we’re trying to soothe him when he’s upset we’ll softly say, “Don’t Cry.” Now more times than not when he’s crying he’ll say that to us.

Luckily my wife and I were able to be heroes on this day when we brought some of his toys back up. He immediately grabbed some of his favorites and went to town. This gave us a good opportunity to try to thin out some of the toys so we don’t have so many out at once.

So all was well last night….clean carpet, happy kid….and no more crying.


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