Happy Halloween!

For the second year in a row, Josiah is a superhero. Last year it was Superman, this year Batman. A little piece of advice to parents of autistic toddlers….these pajama costumes are quite handy. We’re lucky some days to get Josiah to wear his shirt, pants, and coat, so I can’t imagine him wearing some elaborate, bulky costume. But he likes wearing these as they double as pj’s and are super comfortable. The cape in the back comes off with velcro too.

As you can see, he’s got to be about the cutest little Batman you’re ever going to see. Props to my wife for the little design she did with this picture.

I have to say to that it’s fitting Jo Jo is usually a superhero for Halloween. I think he’s something of a superhero everyday. He keeps a smile on his face even though he has to work so much harder than other 3 year-olds and we expect so much more out of him than any little guy his age should have to.

I hope he enjoys his day (I’m sure he’ll be wondering why everyone at school is dressed so funny today). And hopefully he’ll get a tasty treat tonight to enjoy (albeit in a gluten/casein free variety.)


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