The Less He Eats, The More I Eat

For the past couple of weeks, Josiah’s appetite was severely low. He’s been a picky eater for as long as I can remember but at least there were always a few staples you could count on like chicken nuggets, snacks, etc. But for a couple of weeks he had been eating barely anything and we were getting pretty worried.

My wife & I did joke that a good title for a blog post would be the title you see above. The less he eats, the more we eat! It’s funny that even on our darkest days we still try to find some humor and we at least figure that if nothing else we’ll get a blog post or two out of our troubles.

Fortunately Josiah’s appetite has returned. We had suspected that decrease was possibly due to the Diflucan he was recently taking for his yeast issues. The dr. advised us to take him off it and see what happens. Well just a few days after going off it, he became ravenous and seems to be making up for lost time with his eating.

He’s even taken to eating some foods he never really has before. My wife put a very tiny hamburger patty on his plate one night more for show than anything. We figured if he just even acknowledged its presence that was a small victory at this point. But lo and behold, he actually ate the darn thing. And he’s eaten more ground beef this week than he has in his entire life! I’m not sure if he’s just still so hungry after his little hunger strike, but we’re so relieved to see him eating something that will provide the valuable nutrients his little body needs.

That’s been great news for us. The bad news is that we still have to stay on top of the yeast issues. We’re not too anxious to start the Diflucan right away since we know the effects it has. We’re really trying to read up on what the best type of diet for Jo Jo will be. He’s on the GF/CF diet, but a lot of our reading is indicating that’s only part of the battle. We haven’t implemented anything yet but we’re reading some interesting books that seem to be helping lots of kids…

“Gut & Psychology Syndrome”  by Natasha Campbell-McBride.

“Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates.

“Nourishing Hope” by Julie Matthews.

We’ll see what these books have to say and then see what we can do about getting the right foods into our little son’s body. I suppose I would benefit from a few dietary changes myself. Just because my son has some food issues, doesn’t mean I need to overcompensate with huge helpings of fast food and ice cream!

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One Response to “The Less He Eats, The More I Eat”

  1. Kimberly Mahurin Says:

    Ive been searching online tonight and came across your blog. Just wanted to share that my son started on GF/CF then I migrated to SCD which he REALLY needed. My son was severely Autistic so it was a challenge but we did it. Then after a few years i discovered the Body Ecology book. I once again saw huge gains when repopulating strongly with cultured foods. I now have a son that I thought I would not be able to care for by age 7 as they warned me back when he was 2. He now is in the 4th grade in a regular class room and doing really good. I also did a gentle detox with energetic medicine along the way after having a scary experience with chelation. We still detox on a regular basis. At least once a year. I wish you all the luck and happiness and remember you child will be ok. I will be telling my story in detail on youtube starting in the next few months. Thank you for putting up a blog!! Spread the word! Take care and feel free to email me any time.


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