Hoping for an amazing 2009

So another year is rapidly drawing to a close. I have to be honest and say that 2008 wasn’t the best year of my life. 2007 didn’t end all that hot either as that’s when we first learned that Josiah had autism. I think 2008 started out ok because we were still so busy getting everything in place for Josiah and we had a hope that all the stuff we were doing would make a huge impact.

It’s not that good things didn’t happen in 2008. I think the reality just set in pretty hard that it’s going to be a long, uphill battle. I feel like everytime we’re making some progress up this ‘autistic mountain’ we get knocked down a bit. We inevitably get up and dust ourselves off and start trekking upward again, but we have some bruises and scars to show for the fall.

I was very hopeful at times in ’08 when we thought we had really cleaned up Josiah’s gut and we were beginning chelation. But we eventually had to stop the chelation and now we’re dealing with yeast issues again. We’re hopeful that some changes to Josiah’s diets will bring great improvements this year. I’d like to say that I’m totally hopeful and excited to start some new changes, but frankly I’m just tired and I don’t have the wide-eyed hope I once did.

So I guess here’s some things I’d love to see happen in 2009….

–Josiah responds well to any dietary changes we make. He has such a limited diet now that I can’t imagine having to refine things even more, but we’re hoping that once the gut starts to heal, that he’ll crave the good foods his body needs. It would be good if this worked on me too…I could definitely stand to crave good foods. This holiday season has really added a pound or two to my six pack abs.

–I hope those above-mentioned dietary changes produce great results for Josiah. Who knows where he’d be if he hadn’t been on the GF/CF diet the past year, but he may even go farther with a more specialized diet.

–I’d love to see an explosion of language come from Josiah’s mouth. It’s so hard knowing that the words are there, but that he just can’t/won’t say them. I know it wouldn’t solve everything, but to be able to converse with him would make things a little easier. I so badly want to hear that little voice and know what he’s thinking. I can tell that a little jokester is lurking inside him and I want to be able to have the conversations with him that all of my friends with ‘typical’ 3-year-olds get to have.

–I’d love to see our new President be a champion for families affected by autism. It would be great to see all 50 states require all insurance carriers to cover therapies such as ABA. It would also be great to get insurance coverage for supplements even if they’re natural. Why we can get coverage for any old drug but not a natural solution is pretty crazy. Also, let’s get some funding dollars thrown in the right direction. Quit wasting time looking for the elusive ‘autism gene’ and fund things like what the Autism Research Institute is doing. Let’s clean up  the vaccines and give creedence to those who dare suggest that vaccines, environmental factors, and foods could be playing a part in all of this.

–I’d also love in 2009 to see fathers of autistic children connect with each other. I’m sure this is happening somewhere in America, but frankly I’m not finding it. There seems to be many websites that help mothers connect, but not the fathers. I know that too many fathers flee the scene or are just too busy working to pay for therapies, treatments, etc., but it would be great to encourage each other.

–I guess overall I would just love to see 2009 be a year of restoration and recovery for this family. I want Josiah healed, and I want to feel alive again. I feel like autism is besting me in this battle and something has to give. I truly believe that 2009 will be a very important year for my little family. If we can make it through this one, we might just make it through anything.

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