Faith In the Face Of Autism

Our church recently did a video on our family. They were doing a series called “Is It Just Me?” and over Christmas they did the final message called “Is It Just Me Who Struggles To Believe?” The message ended with this video that tells our story. Here it is below if you’d like to watch it. If you want to watch the entire message to see the context of how it fit in, you can watch it at this link. Just look for the “Is It Just Me” series and watch the Christmas service.


2 Responses to “Faith In the Face Of Autism”

  1. sk lind Says:

    Hi! I am finally getting caught up on all the blogging you and Tahni have done–thank you for sharing your thoughts and your heart…I agree there is a maked absence of other men in a support system–must be the barriers of “telling it from the heart” has not been torn down in our “keep a stiff upper lip society” –I am praying for you that you will find a support Dad–until then –keep blogging–you two are making a book now!!!!…Love Ya!

  2. preciousflock Says:

    I am so sorry I have waited so long to really go through your blog, Joe. I have known you are in an absolute gasping-for-breath struggle, and I have been praying for you guys, but I didn’t know before how you were feeling. thank you so much for sharing your heart. I am so very proud of you, Joe. You are a better man than you believe yourself to be. Your son may not know this side of eternity how very blessed he is to have you, but he surely is. I am hoping with you, and believing God with you for healing–supernatural progress toward a normal, healthy, happy life for Josiah. Take each day as a blessing from God, and ratchet up the expectation for tomorrow. You are already an inspiration and testimony to the grace of God. Keep standing. Nobody has to understand, or even agree with you for God to do His best for you, in spite of negative reports. I love the way you express yourself. I’ll be back for more. Uncle John.

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