Another new Jenny McCarthy book coming soon


So today I stumbled across information that Jenny McCarthy has another new book coming out soon. This one is called Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide”and is co-written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. It’s set to release on March 31st.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before on this blog, but my wife & I have always felt some sort of strange kinship with Ms. McCarthy. Back when my wife was first pregnant with Jo Jo, I went to the library to get any book about pregnancy I could get my hands on. At the last second I saw a book by Jenny called “Belly Laughs” and figured it would be a good read for my wife to break up the seriousness of all the other pregnancy books I was bringing home.

My wife got a kick out of the book and ended up reading her follow-up “Baby Laughs.” We didn’t think about Jenny too much more after that until we were first dealing with autism. I think we had only had an inkling for a day or two that Josiah might be autistic when I casually mentioned our fears to a co-worker. She mentioned she had just seen Jenny McCarthy on Oprah talking about her son who has autism.  I couldn’t believe it. I figured that must be the same child she was talking about in her earlier books.

So we immediately devoured “Louder Than Words” and it was such an inspiration to us especially during those scary, initial days when we had no idea what autism would mean to our lives.

Since then Jenny’s been a constant on our journey. She was the keynote speaker at a conference we went to and we both quickly read her last book “Mother Warriors.” I would definitely recommend her books to any parent or relative of an autistic child or even someone who has no connection to autism but would like to learn more about it. She has a very readable style and just kind of tells it like it is.

So I’m looking forward to this newest book and hope it can help as many people as her previous books have.

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