Our story…coming soon to a tv or computer near you

Ok, so it might not be as big a deal to some as the next blockbuster set to hit movie theatres, but coming in April will be a little mini ‘documentary’ I’ve been working on about our family and our journey with autism.

I think I’ve mentioned a little about this in the past, but here’s a quick refresher. I work at a cable tv station and report on all the goings-on in our little neck of the woods. I’ve never shied away from telling personal stories, so when we found out Jo Jo was autistic, I knew I had to share our story. At first I just wanted to do some kind of show on autism, but not necessarily our story.

This proved to challenging to find an angle to report on and finally I realized it would be more powerful for us to just tell our story. So over the last several months I’ve been conducting interviews for this project. It’s set to air in our area throughout the month of April to coincide with National Autism Awareness month. Due to the power of the internet you don’t have to live in our area to see it. I’ll be posting in on YouTube and putting it on this blog too.

I’ve interviewed my wife, our DAN doctor, staff at Josiah’s therapy center, etc. Basically it’s a look at our journey so far and some advice to other parents or people interested in learning about autism.

We’re not doing this or any of the other videos I’ve posted on here of my son to exploit him and his autism. I just know I wish I had some of these resources when we were first dealing with autism. If we can give some other families hope or just educate those who don’t understand autism, then I’ll have done my job.

It’s definitely been one of the most challenging stories I’ve ever had to do. Usually interviewing and writing come fairly easy to me. But it’s a whole different ballgame when you’re laying the past year of your life out there for people to see. I’m hopeful that when it’s all done, it will be something that can give a scared mom or dad out there a little light at the end of the tunnel.

I suppose I should wrap this up and get back to working on it! Now that I’ve said it will air in April, I’ve got to see it through! I’ll be sure to give updates here and post the final project as soon as I can.

One Response to “Our story…coming soon to a tv or computer near you”

  1. Ann Says:

    Thank you Joe for doing this project. Yes, I fully agree that it will be a help to parents who are facing the autism diagnosis with their child. And it will be nice to be able to refer people to a source (the video) to help them understand what they will be up against AND to give them HOPE for their child’s future.
    Ann (Tahni’s friend)

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