Autism Treatment Acceleration Act

Just a quick post to let you know that there’s an important bill that has been introduced in the US Congress. It’s called the “Autism Treatment Acceleration Act” and if passed it could greatly help the lives of those with autism and their families. There are many different facets to the bill and I won’t get into all of them here, but one in particular jumped out at me…

“…a requirement that health insurers cover the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, including Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, assistive communication devices and other effective treatments.”

In Minnesota a bill was just defeated that would have required all insurance carriers to cover ABA. That really stinks because there are so many families that desperately want to get their kids started with this type of therapy but can’t afford it. I’m fortunate that I have the one kind of insurance in our state that does cover it, but it’s never a guarantee that my insurance won’t change in the future and I’d be out of luck.

You can read more about the bill here. There are a couple of different websites that I’ve seen that allow you to send an e-mail to your US Rep to encourage them to support this bill. I used this one. Again, this is a national bill, not just Minnesota, so no matter what state you’re in while reading this, you can contact your US Congressman or woman. Who knows how closely our Congressmen and women pay attention to these e-mails, but it only takes a second and if they get enough maybe they’ll realize how important it is to support our precious kids with autism.


2 Responses to “Autism Treatment Acceleration Act”

  1. Jane in Pa Says:

    I just wanted to comment that similar legislation was passed in Pennsylvania last year & will go into effect on July 1 of this year…known as Act 62- Autism Insurance Act– read more at:

    It IS indeed good news although there is alot of confusion surrounding what the impact will be and how the law will be applied.

    So we are hopeful that this will mean good things in terms of access to treatment- at the same time, many are concerned that the interpretation of the law will get tricky. Let’s hope other states adopt this type of legislation in the very near future!!

    PS- I work as part of a team to assist families and their children with the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

  2. bruciesrecovery Says:

    The States that Autism Insurance reform are great I live in Texas which has great laws if you have fully funded insurance and all like many families I have a self insured plan that does not follow the state mandates due to the federal guidelines. Senate Bill 819 and House Bill 2413 give all families hope. Representative Doyle from Pennsylvania has been a huge voice in Autism Insurance Reform. I pray day and night for this bill to pass and give the millions of Americans affected by Autism the chance to live a normal life free from sacrificing everything in order to give their children a chance for recovery. Everyone needs to contact their senators and representatives to bring change and end Insurance discrimination. I urge everyone to attend town hall meetings to carry your child’s voice and stand up for change.

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