Autism 151

So in keeping with the positive vibes I was trying to get flowing in my last post, I thought I’d give a shout-out to a website that I think has a great idea.

The website is called Autism 151. Their tagline is “150 Stories. One Community of Hope.” They encourage visitors to the site to upload a short video or a picture to tell the story of someone they love with autism. But the goal isn’t to talk about how hard life is for those with autism or their families. Instead they’re focusing on the positive aspects…the great strides these kids & adults are making….the unique and wonderful qualities they have.

A friend of mine pointed me towards this website and I’ve posted a couple of short videos on there. One is an excerpt of our “Surprised by Autism” show. The other is the video we created for the “What Kind of Word Do You Want?” website. It’s been fun to see over the months how many people have been adding their own touching stories to this website.

So if you have a positive story to tell, visit their website. If you’re in the mood for an uplifting story, head over there. We could all use a dose of what Autism 151 is offering.


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