Healing Haiti

You’ve likely by now seen all the reports on the news and the internet about the devastation by the earthquake in Haiti. I thought I’d use a post for readers of this blog to let you know about a couple that uses their time & talents to help those in Haiti.

Our family knows this couple at our church who run the Healing Haiti mission. They partner with a variety of charities in Haiti that provide clean water, build orphanages, etc. I’ve had the pleasure of doing a couple of stories on this couple through the tv station I work at. Here’s one of them with Alyn Shannon. She makes jewelry and all the proceeds benefit Haiti. You can see her work at her GS2 Studios website.

If you’d like to learn more about the Healing Haiti initiatives, check out their website here. They’ve been working in Haiti long before this earthquake happened and I know they’ll be pouring their hearts & souls into helping rebuild there. Take a moment to check out the story and their websites, and if you’re able to, make a donation to help out.


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