So I guess it’s been a while….

Well, look who’s back! I have really been a horrible blogger in 2010! I had purposed to write more often this year and I haven’t done a very good job at that. Just life getting in the way I guess.

I’ll try to do a more proper post soon, but here’s just a little bit of what’s been going on lately. We recently did hyperbaric oxygen therapy with our son. We did 40 ‘dives’ in the chamber. Our hope was to see an increase in speech. So far, there really hasn’t been more speech, but we’ve noticed quite a few other positive changes. Our son seems to be a little bit more aware, his eye contact has been much improved, he’s laughing more, and he’s even been ‘teasing’ us quite a bit too.

I really get excited when he ‘teases’ us. That means his mind is grasping some things he wasn’t before. For instance, the other day I was playing with him in our backyard. He loves to use his swing set and had been swinging for quite a long time. He stopped and I gave him the option of another push and more swinging, or we could go inside and get something to eat. He got off the swing and ran over to the fence. I assumed this meant we were going inside. As I got close to the fence, he started laughing and dashed off back to the swing. He did this a few more times. He really kept looking for my reaction. It was a lot of fun and I felt like we were playing our own little game together. I really treasure those kinds of moments.

So even if we didn’t get the speech yet that we were hoping for, it was definitely worth the time and money for us to do the hyperbarics if we’re getting more glimpses of our little guy’s personality.

I also just finished reading “Not My Boy!” by Rodney Peete. He’s a retired NFL Quarterback who along with his wife, actress Holly Robinson Peete, has a young son with autism. I really enjoyed the book. It’s geared towards fathers. I really wish this book would have been out when we were first trying to learn about autism. Most of the books out there are geared towards mothers and are written by mothers. Those books are great too, but Peete was able to relay things from a man’s perspective. I would highly recommend reading this book if you’re a dad out there who has a kid on the autism spectrum. Even if you already know a lot of the stuff he’s talking about, I think you’ll still feel re-energized to fight for your child after reading the book.


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4 Responses to “So I guess it’s been a while….”

  1. FJC Says:

    IT’s great to see the blog back. I’ll definitely check out the book.

  2. Karen Jung Says:

    So glad to hear about Josiah’s progress!

  3. Joseph Tosto Says:

    Great news! I applaud the hyperbaric therapy. I want to invite you to look at something that we’ve been doing with our son for the past 16 months. Also we have just added another element and the results are phenominal. If you have any questions PLEASE contact us. We believe whole hearted with what I’m linking you to here, we have seen the results, and so have others who are around him everyday.

  4. Michelle Brier Says:

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