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Taking one for the team

June 21, 2008

We’ve been interested in starting my son on MB12 shots for quite a while. He’s been taking B12 drops for several months, but a lot of the research we’ve been doing seems to point to the shots as being the most effective form of administering B12.

So we went through the process of getting a prescription for the shots. At the doctor appointment for this, I figured our son would get a shot that day; we would be able to learn how to do the shots; and then we would get a prescription that we could bring to our local pharmacy.

Well, as with most things these days, it wasn’t that easy. They didn’t actually give him a shot. Turns out too that you have to have the B12 compounded at a special pharmacy which is then mailed to you. As the appointment was drawing to a close I asked, “So….where do we give him the shot? In the butt?”

The doctor realized he needed to show us how to give the shots but all he had was an empty syringe that he demonstrated on a latex glove. Surprisingly that doesn’t give you much confidence to actually give it on your own to a toddler who will likely squirm and resist more than an inanimate object.

Our syringes eventually arrived in the mail and we were ready to inject away. The night before we were going to start giving our son the shots, my wife went online and viewed some videos about how to give the shots correctly. I could tell she was fairly nervous about being the one to give him the shot. As I went to sleep that night I thought, “Hmmmm. Too bad she doesn’t have someone to practice a shot on.” Then it occurred to me, “Wait a second! I have a butt! She can practice on me!”

I was going to tell her my idea that night, but figured for some reason she wouldn’t go for it. The next morning rolled around and I saw my wife was still apprehensive about being the shot-giver. So I just kind of lazily threw out my idea about her giving a shot to me so she could practice and I could tell her if it hurt at all.

I kind of expected her to nix the idea and say that she didn’t want to waste a syringe. But to my surprise, her eyes lit up and she said, “That’s a great idea!”

Suddenly this didn’t seem like such a good idea to me anymore! I thought she wouldn’t go for it but would be impressed by my willingness to ‘take one for the team.’ But now the reality was that I had talked her into giving me a needle into my precious buttocks.

I decided to take the tactic that any kid would take. I stalled. I spent a good 5 or 10 minutes going to the bathroom. Oh, and I better freshen up a bit too. Finally my wife had enough of my procrastinating and she came running after me with the needle. This was not how I envisioned my morning going!

I eventually relented, pulled down my pants and sprawled across the bed. A few seconds later, I had a fresh helping of MB12 in my rear and my wife felt confident on how to give these shots. It really didn’t hurt that bad (it’s a pretty small needle) and I did feel good knowing I helped out a bit.

So I guess sometimes you do have to take one for the team. But if anyone ever needs an enema, I’ll tell you right now you’ll have to find another butt to practice on.