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We all need something good to read

April 4, 2008

At the risk of my blog becoming nothing but stories of peeing and pooping, here’s another bathroom entry.

Last night my son was playing in the living room and all of a sudden darted off to his room. We could hear him banging around in there and I knew he was looking for something. Perhaps a favorite toy or a blanket or something?

Nope, he came out with a book, stood in the middle of the room and proceeded to read the book while showing off his ‘pooping face’. I know anyone else who has a kid knows what that face looks like.

I guess that no matter what age you are, you need some good reading material while doing your business. It’s times like these that I’m reminded that our lives don’t have to revolve around autism 24/7 and there are simple things like enjoying a good book and a poop that can bring us all together.

Like father, like son I guess!