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Feeling Thankful, Part Two

November 25, 2008

As awful as it sounds, there are those days where I don’t feel particularly thankful for anything. I feel shortchanged and can get extremely jealous looking at other people who are living the life I thought I would. I know there are tons of people who have way more challenges than I do, but there is no question that my life would be so much easier if I didn’t have to deal with autism.

But one thing (or more accurately person) I am always thankful for is my wife. Now I’ll try not to get too mushy here, but our little family would be sunk without her. Fathers definitely play an important role in an ‘autistic family’ but as the title of the recent Jenny McCarthy book suggests, it’s the ‘Mother Warriors’ who are the ones getting things done.

Not convinced that my wife is a Superwoman? Well let’s see….she works a full-time job where she has lots of responsibility and expectations, she raises a 3-year-old which can be a challenge for anyone even before you add in the autism to the mix, she has to put up with me on a daily basis (no small feat), and keeps the house going, meals cooking, etc. 

I’ve seen her shine this past year since we received the autism diagnosis. She’d probably deny it and I know she feels like she’s always coming up short. But beneath that tired, worn-out exterior you can see a light in her that is shining so brightly. The biggest confidence I have in our hopeful recovery of our son is that my wife is in my life. She’s always scouring books and the internet to make sure we’re not missing anything that could help our son. She goes to the doctor appointments armed with a list of questions to make sure we’re addressing everything with the care our son gets.

And to top it all off, with the little free time she has she’s always searching for other Moms of autistic kids to connect with. It’s her sincere desire to be able to help those in need. At this point we’re far from experts, but with the year we’ve put in, we can certainly help others who are just starting out too. I have no doubt that when we recover our son, she’ll still be working tirelessly to help those other Moms who are scared and have no idea where to turn to for help.

I have no doubt too that someday she’ll write a book. She kind of laughs when I mention that now and we’ve had a few people mention that we should both write books someday. I certainly wouldn’t be against that but I know for a fact she has the drive, determination, and talent to see something like that through. I told her I’d be willing to write the foreward to the book if she needs me to do something.

So during this week of thanks, I just want to thank my wife. It’s been an emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining year, but without her they probably would have sent me off to the looney bin a long time ago. She’s definitely a ‘Mother Warrior’ and there are two guys in her house who love her very deeply (me & my son that is in case you weren’t following, we don’t have any other guys at our house).